Since, well.. the not too long ago, Wilder has strived to create the best t-shirts possible. We want our customers to be representatives of what they love by wearing our shirt.


Our Mission

Wilder is a surf brand that believes in doing what you love. We are passionate about the ocean and what it provides for our Earth. Inspired by the art of surfing, we have the motto 'Find Your Swell'. To us surfers, swell is what gets us stoked. Swell provides waves, barrels, travel and pure joy. We are constantly on the search for it and some of us dedicate our entire lives to chasing it down just for one ride. It's what gets us up in the morning and is constantly on our minds to keep us coming back for more. Wilder encourages everyone to 'Find Your Swell', whether it's camping, hiking, exploring, surfing, free diving, whatever gets you hyped on life. Turn your weekend into an adventure and experience the world. It's what keeps us sane, now go find what keeps you alive! Yew!